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I don’t want to be Black Coffee, says Prince Kaybee on comparisons

Prince Kaybee has hit back at suggestions that he is gunning to be the next Black Coffee, explaining that he wants to blaze his own path and inspire a whole new generation of artists.

As one of the most popular DJs in Mzansi, Kaybee is constantly compared to Black Coffee.

So, when Kaybee took to Twitter on Wednesday to give fans a glimpse of songs from his upcoming album fans thought they heard a bit of Black Coffee in it.

One follower slid onto the muso’s page to ask him if he fancied himself as the next “Black Coffee”.

He responded by praising Black Coffee but made it clear that he wanted to inspire his own generation.

“I don’t wanna be Black Coffee, he is a hero of his generation. I wanna be a hero of my generation so I am the next ‘Prince Kaybee,’” he tweeted.

He later agreed with one fan who said it was time for people to stop hustling off other peoples hustles or be the next of another person.

Meanwhile , Black Coffee has told UK magazine Joe that he is planning to release an EP in the next few weeks ahead of his first album early next year. It will be his first album in three years.

“What I’m going to do is release an EP. It’s going to come out in the second week of November. The title is there, it’s called Music is King. So we’re going to release six songs on the EP and then the rest of the album is going to come out in March.”


Greatest hits! Zahara scoops 40th award



Zahara may need to go out and get a bigger trophy cabinet after the star recently netted her 40th award.

Yup you’re reading correctly…40 awards!


She reached that number with a Best Female South African Artists International Act award at the Next Generation Entertainment Awards recently.

Zahara took to social media to celebrate the accomplishment and thank the people for their support.

The singer was applauded by the likes of Arthur Mafokate and Theo from Mafikizolo.

Theo called the accomplishment “God’s blessings”, while Arthur took to Instagram to call it “legendary”.

He said he was there from day one and pushed Loliwe when haters questioned Zahara’s success.  

“I was there from day one when I was breaking stories about Loliwe and the industry attacked me for that saying TS Records were lying about your sales and why I was the only person who knew about them. (These were the days) before Black Twitter.”

Zahara won 8 Samas at the 2012 awards and last year was nominated for her 18th award at the show.



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My biggest fear is being forgotten when I am gone – Vusi Nova


Musician Vusi Nova’s tribute to fallen South African heroes, As’phelelanga may be tearing up the charts but he said the song was in part inspired by his own fear of being forgotten.

The song was dedicated to the likes of Brenda Fassie, Akhumzi, Lebo Mathosa and many others who had made an impact on Vusi’s life and his music.

He told TshisaLIVE that he wanted to keep their memory and talent alive like he hoped others would do for him when he died.

“Probably my biggest fear is being forgotten when I die or when I’m gone. I am human so I worry about it. When you are passionate about something and want to give the world something, you worry about being forgotten.”

Vusi said he hoped to be remembered as “the greatest vocalist to ever live”.

“I want to be remembered for love. I speak about love. I sing about love. I want to be remembered as the person who makes a difference.”

He said he found comfort in knowing that he was inspiring young artists and changing people’s lives but still didn’t want it to end anytime soon.

Vusi admitted that he feared it might happen when he was hijacked and kidnapped outside his home late last year.

“I never contemplated moving overseas but I did consider getting a gun. I don’t like weapons but I did think about that. I got more security and that has helped. Again, with death. It freaks me out but with time, it gets better.”


dj owami
Arthur Mafokate’s daughter Owami follows parents’ footsteps


Self-proclaimed king of kwaito Arthur Mafokate and former kwaito star Queen Sesoko’s daughter Owami is following in the footsteps of her parents.

At 16 and in grade 11 DJ Owami, as she is known to her fans, is the latest hit on the turn-tables. She effectively joins a growing legion of female DJs in the country.

She has landed a spot on kiddies show YoTV every Friday as resident DJ to celebrate Women’s Month.

“My brother has been working there for years; he was put there by Akhumzi [Jezile, the late producer]. After my first show on August 3, he was literally crying, saying Akhumzi must be happy wherever he is,” she said.

Even though she has never released any projects under her name, DJ Owami grew up in the limelight.

Most fans of her famous father and mother, who was the front lady of musical group Abashante, would remember seeing Owami performing from as early as the age of four; she was dancing on TV at six.

Owami said she decided on deejaying because her parents would not let her be a singer. She receives mentorship from her famous brother DJ AJ.

“I have been singing since I was a kid but my parents don’t really want me to do it. They, however, support me by taking me for lessons,” she added, noting she was not in a hurry to release an album as she was currently focusing on her studies.

She added that her famous parents had been very instrumental in her music career. In addition Owami has her own clothing label, Hermosa.

“They are always talking and playing music and people always talk and mention their names. A lot of people always talk about them having changed the state of music in this country.”

Sesoko has since ditched the kwaito-star persona “Queen Iyaya” in favour of a career as a gospel singer.

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Thiwe spills the tea on female music collabs: We’re so fussy & it’s heartbreaking


Having just launched an all-female nine-track compilation album called SHE VOL 1, songbird Thiwe has praised the artists who came together on the project, claiming ladies can often be sassy and hard to work with.

Thiwe told TshisaLIVE that she had the idea to create SHE VOL 1 because she wanted to break the existing stereotype surrounding female artists.

“If you send a message out, asking for collaborations, you are most likely to get the male artist respond first to the call. If they are available, they are more than happy to do it. But with us women – and I don’t wanna put it in a bad way but – we are so fussy and it’s heartbreaking. But it is what it is. So instead of just complaining about it, I wanted to put actions where my mouth is.”

Some of the artists included on the album are: Nothende, Berita, Ternielle Nelson, Aus Tebza, Ayanda Jiya, Disebo, Katlego and Thando Nje.  

Thiwe explained that with her previous two albums and her over a decade in the industry, one of the hardest things for her was getting female artist to work together.

Known for her vocal abilities as the amazing voice that has made timeless music with Black Coffee, Sai & Ribatone, Zano, Ziyon and Busiswa; the singer said she saw something she wasn’t happy with and took the first step to rectifying it.

“It’s always been problematic to try and work with another female artist as a female artist. Because, if it were up to me, over the years, I probably would have had so many more collaborations with female artists. But women aren’t always open to collaborations.”

For Thiwe, the hardest part of the process was the stress that came with trying to ensure that everyone’s needs was catered for.

“The hardest thing was trying to make sure that everyone is happy. The thing with a compilation is that there are a lot of individuals involved in this and everyone has their own ideas. They feel very strongly about their positions. It was just one or two people that said, ‘you know what at the end of the day, and how this compilation sounds is up to you.’”

Thiwe’s last project, Soul Therapy, was well received and she could have easily gunned for another one but said that it was important to her to bring women together to create a timeless masterpiece that would represent her generation of artists.

SHE VOL 1 is available on all digital platforms.